Let's Listen to...

The Let's Listen series explores jazz in its many facets through free listening sessions at the Montclair Public Library. Third Friday of the month. Our resident jazz historian, Peter Bodge, curates a themed playlist, and together we listen to and talk about the music. Great way to discover new sounds, learn about the music and its history, meet people who want to do the same. Beyond his deep-cut curatorial skills, Peter is a jazz drummer, an accomplished visual artist--his jazz portraits hang in the Smithsonian Institution--and an arts educator of more than 40 years.

Past Sessions

Let's Listen to: Colors
December 21, 2018
Let's Listen to: Eric Dolphy
November 16, 2018
Let's Listen to: Bring Your Own Vinyl
October 19, 2018
Let's Listen to: Mingus
September 21, 2018
Let's Listen to: Art Farmer
August 17, 2018
Let's Listen to: Music of Protest
May 18, 2018
Let's Listen to: Savory Collection
July 20, 2018
Let's Listen to: John Coltrane
June 15, 2018
Let's Listen to: Dizzy, Ella, Monk
May 5, 2017
Let's Listen to: Duke Ellington
April 20, 2018
Let's Listen to: Miles Davis
October 6, 2017
Let's Listen to: Montclair
June 3, 2017
Let's Listen to: Jazz?
April 7, 2017
Let's Listen to: Women in Jazz
March 3, 2017
Let's Listen to: The Blues
February 3, 2017
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