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Diane Moser: In Memoriam

In addition to being an inspirational force with her music, Diane Moser helped Seed Artists execute our mission to serve our community with stimulating arts from creative colleagues. She had a vivacious spirit and was always brimming with ideas that would recognize the contribution of Jazz masters who guided us. Her breadth as a composer and improvisor was demonstrated in small and large ensembles. We will miss her voice and her presence, but cherish her contributions as a comrade in disseminating the wisdom of our ancestors.

    - Pheeroan akLaff, Executive Director



It is with heavy heart that Seed Artists mourns the loss of Diane Moser, who passed away on December 17. Diane lived the music, as composer, pianist, bandleader, educator and mentor--and as a tireless advocate for her fellow musicians, for new works, and for opening ears and minds. She led her rousing, risk-taking Composers Big Band for 23 years, and connected countless colleagues and students who went on to create new projects.

And Diane was a founding Board member of "Seed Artists 2.0," in Montclair, where she played an integral role in helping us bring adventurous music to new audiences. Willing, always, to do whatever it took to get the music heard. Just as she did at our Eric Dolphy: Freedom of Sound festival in May 2014. Not only did Diane compose a new work, "Birdsongs for Eric," and perform it with her band, she did everything from posting flyers to selling t-shirts. These images from her sublime set at the festival express well the joy that she brought to and took from the creative experience.


Diane made things happen, and she made the world a better place. We miss her.


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